As part of the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS) Bubble Bros Ltd. are required to conduct due diligence checks on all our suppliers, who are involved in the supply chain for alcoholic drinks.

Due diligence is important for our business to minimise exposure to commercial risk, reduce the risk of being exposed to fraudulent transaction chains and reduce the risk of being exposed to significant financial losses.

Making due diligence an obligation for all businesses involved in alcohol will help drive fraudsters from the marketplace, increase consumer confidence in the sector, boost legitimate businesses by restoring a level playing field and help maintain confidence and reputation.

We carry out extensive due diligence checks following the guidelines from HMRC and the ‘FITTED’ checks as a structure to establish potential risk within supply chains. We ensure we “know our supplier”.

Any suppliers identified as high risk will undergo further checks before we decide if we will begin to trade. Due diligence will be evaluated every six months for high risk suppliers, annually for all others, with regular reviews to highlight any changes in activity so the appropriate actions can be taken.

All suppliers must provide the required list of documents and completed questions for Bubble Bros Ltd. to undertake risk assessment before any trade takes place. Bubble Bros Ltd. will only trade with a supplier that has passed the assessment checks.

Any suppliers who don’t pass our internal checks will be notified that we are unable to trade. Any business with suspicious behaviour will be reported to HMRC in a timely manner.

Information submitted will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the company directors will conduct final sign off.

All initial checks and further reviews will be documented in the customer or supplier file electronically. 

Day-to-day checks will be carried out to identify any potential transactions that may lead to fraud or involve goods on which duty may have been evaded.

Documentation required in order to be considered fit to supply alcohol to Bubble Bros Ltd.

1. Bubble Bros Ltd. due diligence questionnaire (online)

2. Copy of Incorporation Certificate

3. Copy of VAT Certificate

4. Copy of company’s last filed set of accounts

5. Copy of Money Laundering Certificate, if applicable

6. Owner/Director’s/ Proprietor’s photo ID

7. Company Bank Details

8. AWRS number

9. Copy of Business Utility Bill (Less than 3 months old)

10. Headed paper complete with Director’s Signature

11. Proof of Due Diligence the company carries out

12. Copy of company’s term.

13. If you are a UK duty paid supplier, please provide us with copies of form W-5 (or similar document) showing evidence of duty payment

Once the supplier has sent the above information, we will review it. The overall risk of the supplier will be established. If the business is identified as a high-risk supplier, further questions will be asked. Any suspicious retail pricing at uneconomic levels or improper trading patterns will be reported to HMRC in a timely manner. All high-risk suppliers will be reviewed every six months; all other suppliers will be reviewed on an annual basis.